Full service Engineering and Production

Innovative design has its own team of designers and engineers to bring any design you have in mind to life. Our experienced sheet metal engineers start with a full animated 3D CAD design in SolidWorks™ software. This ensures that the design will fit together without issue the first time, and also allows us to use mortise and tenon joints to align pieces during the fabrication process. From there we nest and laser cut in house on our 2 CNC laser cutters. We employ the latest in bending technology with our Amada 7-Axis CNC bender. Combining the accuracy of our CNC laser with our CNC bender ensures the correct bends and parts the first time.

3D CAD Design saves money and time!

Using 3D CAD systems helps us take designs from start to finish in the quickest time possible. Using these systems also allows us to make any and all changes to the design to suit the specific needs of every customer, all before the item is fabricated and finished. This keeps waste down and gets the required product out the first time.

Production Services

Our lasers and Bender is well suited to production work. Let us equip your entire fleet with product, and in a timley fashion!